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Apologies in advance

This project is a creative exploration of my mental health in 2022. Each photo shows a raw and less apologetic version of my depression and anxiety



In July 2022 I moved. To an up stairs unit. But this was the fourth time in four years that I had done so and managing even a small move on top of mental illness is difficult. So to escape the mess I dissociate and scroll on my phone.


Having a to do list can feel like an impossible mountain to climb. Paralyzing, fact. sometime I just want to curl up wish they or me would disappear. 


We are often made to feel childish if we do not always have a spotless home, or we like and take comfort in things like plushies as adults. But sometimes life is too messy to keep the space clean. And plushies are, or at least should be, ageless. 

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